In The Community

Special thanks to the Ohio Arts Council for being a frequent
supporter of our public art installation efforts.

Volunteer Projects

Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership (TNP) acts as a facilitator for local volunteer projects that help improve Warren neighborhoods. Neighborhood associations, churches, youth groups and local businesses work with TNP to find and carry out local projects. Recent projects have included playground painting, house painting, neighborhood clean ups, and vacant property boardups.

To volunteer please contact us at 330-599-9275.  Already a volunteer?

Please print the volunteer waiver and bring it with you on the day of your project.

Click Here to Download Your Waiver

Public Art

Through TNP's Public Art Program in 2011, the mural to the right was created and installed by local artist Briar Rantilla.  All aspects of the project involved a community engagement  process, including the site and artist selection, as well as the mural. This mural is located at 310 Elm and Porter Street. In 2012, TNP assisted in the revitalization of Dave Grohl Alley, by financing the installation of a mural  in the center of Dave Grohl Alley. The mural was painted by local artist Aaron Chine. In 2013, TNP and the Trumbull County Health Department partnered to install a bike and skateboard rack in Downtown Warren. The rack was also designed by local artist Aaron Chine. Please submit any ideas regarding the Public Art program to TNP.