Court-Ordered Community Service Program (COCS)

The Court-Ordered Community Service Program (COCS) isĀ a client placementĀ program for individuals who have been assigned to community service as a sentencing alternative, term of judicial probation or in lieu of fines and court costs. Clients fulfill their community service obligations through direct participation in TNP's programming. Activities the clients are engaged in include, but are not limited to: litter collection, vacant property stabilization/board-ups, landscaping/gardening, maintenance, and painting.

The benefits of this program is twofold: it lessens the burden on the judicial system by allowing a cost effective alternative to processing warrant's around unpaid fines and housing low level offenders. This in turn converts the offenders obligation to the court into tangible, substantive restitution to the community. The Court-Ordered Community Service Program (COCS) program is a ongoing program that operates year-round. Clients can report for community service weekdays at 8:00 a.m. however, the program does offer some flexible hours, including some evenings, and weekends to accommodate work schedules, school or other obligations. Referral services are also provided to help clients overcome barriers that may hinder successful completion of their assigned hours.