Warren SOUP is...

...a collaborative situation
...a public dinner
...a platform for connection
...a theatrical environment
...a democratic experiment in micro-funding
...a relational hub bringing together various creative communities
...a forum for critical but accessible discussion
...an opportunity to support creative people in Warren

Submissions for the upcoming Warren SOUP event are due by March 11th by 5pm

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Warren SOUP?
4/16/16 from 5:30-7:30

Where is the next Warren SOUP located?
John F. Kennedy Catholic School (2550 Central Parkway SE, Warren, Ohio 44484)

How much does the dinner cost?
$5 get you soup, salad, bread, and a vote.

Do I need to RSVP for the event?
Warren SOUP does not take reservations for the dinner. It is first come first seated.

Do I need to buy a ticket?
Nope! You pay at the door!

Are children allowed at SOUP?
Of course! We hope that we have created a safe environment that children feel like they can listen and participate. You don't have to be 18 to vote in our voting booth! We hope that children who are in attendance feel like they can voice their opinion in the voting booth. We ask that as long as they can make a decision for themselves than they are more than welcome to cast their ballot.

My idea is a work in progress, should I submit?
Think through what kind of project you are submitting. About 100 people show up each month to share ideas and resources with one another. If you don't think you can pull together the idea, be able to implement this with the community, or be able to share (whether it succeeds or not) how the progress of the idea is coming along, than please wait a few months. We don't like telling some groups yes and then having them drop out at the last minute. It's a fairness thing. The idea doesn't need to be super polished either. The money is enough to see if your idea works. We just want to make sure that you are available to present after submitting.

What if there are more than four proposals submitted for the dinner?
There is a voting committee that meets to review all of the proposals.  This committee changes each event and includes community members and past winners.  There are usually 5 people on this committee and they meet to discuss each proposal and vote on the 4 that will present at the next Warren SOUP. If you don't make it the first time, we encourage you to submit again!

Where do I send my proposal?
Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership
170 N. Park Ave.
Warren, OH 44481
For questions email warrensoup@tnpwarren.org.

When are the proposals due?
Usually 3-4 weeks before the date of SOUP.

I am a local artist and I would love to share my work, can I?
Please inform warrensoup@tnpwarren.org that you are interested in sharing. We are often looking for local artisans to share their work. Painters, sculptors, designers (interior and graphic), writers, poets, etc. are encouraged to share. We do not have a budget at this time for materials but we could talk about what that means after inquiry.

I want to volunteer with setting up before the dinner, can I?
Awesome! YES YES YES!!! Please email: warrensoup@tnpwarren.org

Can I donate money to Warren SOUP?
Yes, please! We are always accepting donations to help Warren SOUP run its dinner and get more money into the hands of local projects. All money raised through Warren SOUP goes to help pay for the cost of putting on the dinner, paying local artists to share or perform at soup, pay overhead costs, etc.

What is the schedule for the evening?
Once the doors open we usually give you 20 minutes to settle in and then the presentations will begin.  Each presenter has 4 minutes to talk about their project and 2 minutes, afterwards, dedicated to questions from the audience.  After all 4 presenters have talked about their projects, the soup is served. After the dinner, you will have time to talk with others and decide who you want to vote for.  30 minutes before the end of the event, the ballots are counted and the winner is announced.

What will I expect to hear from the proposers/grant seekers?
You will hear a presentation no longer than 4 minutes from each grantee. The floor is then opened for 2 minutes for questions from the audience.

I have an amazing idea that I think could really benefit from the Warren community, how can I submit my idea?
Complete an application and submit to warrensoup@tnpwarren.org or mail to: TNP 170 N. Park Ave., Warren, OH 44481.

My idea works really well on PowerPoint, do you have the capabilities to be able to use this presentation device?
While technology is helpful in many of our daily lives those involved in SOUP believe you can share your proposal without it. We do make exceptions every once in a while (like showing a movie trailer) but we highly encourage you to leave the laptop at home. You are more than welcome to bring in visuals to enhance your idea.

How many proposals do you accept for the dinner each month?
We only have time for four proposals per dinner. Much more than that, it is hard to have a constructive dialogue about each proposal as we are eating, as well as having short attention spans!